A platformer.

A cautionary tale about falling down wells. (Actually a downwards platformer.)
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never alone
Never Alone
Videogames share stories and cultural wisdom from around the globe.
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just bones
Just Bones
Don’t lose your head, or legs, or ribs.
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Kalimba on Steam.
Jumping, switching, being two totems at a time.
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mike dies
Mike Dies
But only if he can’t get inside the teleporter.
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putty pals
Putty Pals
Platformers are easier with a helping hand. Literally, in this case.
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Get lost inside a red planet.
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soft body
Soft Body
Make music while you play a platformer.
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the cave
The Cave
A talking cave and the journeys people take through it.
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adventure pals
Adventure Pals
Take the family, an amazing giraffe and a rainbow unicorn, on a colourful adventure.
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An octopus, ever twirling.
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Boor on Steam
Solve puzzles with help from extra versions of yourself.
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where is my heart
Where is my Heart?
A puzzle platformer that takes you to interesting places, together.
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Duped on Steam
You’re a pink square, no a blue square, no many squares.
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Rayman: Legends
A uniquely beautiful platformer.
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