As ruler of a small land, you’ll spend coins wisely or die, when your walls are tested by monsters. Be sure to let your horse graze, so you can work efficiently (and so she has the energy to run away from all manner of terrible thing, lurking in the forest.)

Genre: Survival, base-builder.
Platforms: PC, PS4, Switch.
Difficulty: Easy to learn, harder to win.
Content: This might sound a bit silly, but the enemies in this game are kind of scary. It’s just the evocative way they’re animated, as well as the fact that they can ruin all of your hard work in one fell swoop. Here, I’ll quote something from the game’s wiki, “The floater is a flying insect-like greed monster that can abduct and consume up to three townspeople.” So yes. Nightmares. (For mum.)
Age-related suggestions: Officially rated 10+, so it’s probably just me.

Consider consulting detailed reviews before purchase.

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