Site Process FYI.

The gameplay gifs are sourced from official trailers.

(Game devs. If you hate the gif I’ve taken of your game, send me a new one 200×160, less than 200KB, gameplay not cutscenes etc.)

No payment is exchanged for reviews.

Keys are generally given for free.

I’m just making this site in my ‘spare time’, so things may not be perfect. Feel free to give feedback. I’m on Twitter.

I have friendly dealings with a very large number of indie devs, including the people who made these games. (I also contributed to a few myself.)

All content is written by me, except interview answers (which are used with permission).

Similarities with other game content are coincidental (and likely interpreted thus because of the nature of short reviews.)

I’m also constantly reviewing games (for adults as the reader) in more detail for PC Powerplay. Find them here.

Also, PC Gamer commissions me occasionally, too.

– Meghann

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