The Sims 4

sims 4

The Sims 4

The fourth ‘dollhouse sim’ in Maxis’ cult series. Customise little people, get them careers, pets, families, skills, go on vacation, make a snow angel. I mean, I can’t summarise everything the game offers in a sentence. It’s deep.

Genre: Simulation.
Platforms: PC. (And there are other versions for consoles and mobile.)
Difficulty: Self directed, based on how many Sims you play at a time and what you want them to achieve.
Content: Decent representation of cultural backgrounds, gender presentation and a range of body shapes.
Age-related suggestions: This is officially rated “teen”. There’s “woohoo” which is two adult sims disappearing into a double bed and hearts appearing. (“Fool around” is the same for teens, but without pregnancy.) Technically, the player can murder Sims in some disturbing ways, but there’s no real reward for playing like this.

Consider consulting detailed reviews before purchase. (If your kids like this, you could be asked to fork out a few hundred dollars for all the expansion and stuff packs.)

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