Two Dots

two dots

Two Dots

My family loves this game, especially the thoughtfully-designed weekend challenges. It’s a staple on long car/train trips and at coffee shops. Join dots with goals in mind, explode ladybugs, pop bubbles, scatter flowers to the wind and so on.

Genre: Puzzle.
Platforms: Mobile.
Difficulty: Most levels are achievable after a few attempts, but the occasional *really* challenging level may crop up, probably to encourage purchases of ‘pay to win’ items. You can buy them if you like, or just try again. Also – be aware that purchases are offered to keep you alive when you die, but they may not actually be very relevant to your context; not worth the money.
Age-related suggestions: My kids have loved this game for years. Just teach them how to make squares and they’ll be great.

Consider consulting detailed reviews before purchase. (Free to play – but with micro-transactions offered.)

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