Ultima VII


Ultima VII on GOG

A large, open-world RPG where every object is interactive, everyone has a story to tell and a gigantic mystery unfolds over many hours. You can even spend weeks just baking bread and not solving anything. If you only want to play one classic role playing game in your life, this is the one you should choose. If you want more, the entire Ultima series is available on GOG, too.

Genre: Role playing game.
Platforms: PC.
Difficulty: This was the kind of game that was very hard to finish. Consider finding a good online guide.
Content: Some references to sex, but they’re pretty hard to find, in a massive world. You’re also investigating gruesome murders, but they feel like quite a small part of the overall story, oddly enough.
Age-related suggestions: There is a lot of reading involved but, otherwise, this should be enjoyable to a wide range of people.

Consider consulting detailed reviews before purchase.

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