Who is this for?

This blog aims to do two things.

Build a tower of 100 artistic, cultural and just plain fun videogames (all of which I’ve played and would recommend) that you and/or your kids may enjoy.

Provide commentary and interviews with industry professionals to address common questions that parents have about games.

If you’re a parent (or caregiver) who plays games, you probably know a lot of what I’m going to post here. But, you may enjoy perusing the list. Many of these indie games weren’t widely covered at release.

If you’re not a parent, the list is here for you, too. These aren’t “kids games” they’re “quality games kids can play, with or without their family”.

If you’re a parent who doesn’t play a lot of games, perhaps you’ll find something you and/or your kids may enjoy. There’s no need to snooze along while they play games that don’t interest you. Just find new ones to share; games that do interest you.

Although I am endorsing the games on my list, in a way, be sure to read detailed reviews and make careful purchasing decisions, because people’s taste in games – and the content they’re happy with their kids accessing – varies radically.

If you want to chat, come find me on Twitter.

Feel welcome.

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