Who is writing this?

Hi. I’m Meghann.


This is my family. (The kids hijacked a kayak and my husband is chasing them.)


We play lots of videogames, separately and together.

I first started playing games in 1980, when by dad brought home an Exidy Sorceror.

I’ve been a game reviewer since 2007, mostly freelancing for PC Powerplay.

I make music for games, including Mallow Drops and Wildfire.

I am passionate about great game guides and helped Thimbleweed Park‘s dev team to implement an in-game hintline.

I believe games are for everyone who wants to play, regardless of age, identity and background.

When I tell other parents about what I do, for work and for fun, they ask me lots of questions. If they’re not gamers themselves, they’re often worried about what their kids play and how they engage with games.

If you want to chat, come find me on Twitter.

Feel welcome.

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