A retrogame.

thimbleweed park
Thimbleweed Park
A retro-styled adventure game that is a hoot to play with the family.
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SimAnt on Internet Archive.
Ever find your child torturing ants in the backyard? Digital creatures can suffer instead.
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never alone
Loom on Steam
Weave musical solutions to inventive puzzles.
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monkey island
The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition
The only thing more fun than being a pirate is taking the family to sea with you.
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kings quest
The King’s Quest Collection on GOG
A concise history of classic adventure gaming in one series.
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quest for glory
The Quest for Glory Collection on GOG
So, you want to be a hero? Kids in the 80s/90s did and, perhaps, still do today.
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snail trek
Snail Trek
Forget the snails in your garden, the snails in space need you now.
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theme hospital
Theme Hospital on Origin
A chaotic hospital management sim. Probably not the best place to take your kids when they develop Bloaty Head at 2am, though.
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ultima 7
Ultima VII on GOG
The quintessential, classic role playing game. Gigantic, living world.
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