A strategy game.

plants v zombies
Plants vs Zombies
The game which makes my kids nag me to buy weird vegetables.
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empires of the undergrowth3
Empires of the Undergrowth
‘Why do ants walk in a line?’ ‘Pheromones.’ ‘What?’ ‘Here, play this.’
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Scare yourself silly with drones and spaceships.
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dungeon dashers
Dungeon Dashers
For youngers on the go; when you don’t have time to spend all day in a dungeon.
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Bite-sized strategy for boring train rides.
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Taking pillow forts to the next level; with lasers and smashing.
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A tense race through space where good management of your ship, especially in combat, is paramount.
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into the breach
Into the Breach
When threatened by aliens, everyone needs a hero in their timeline.
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ticket to earth
Ticket to Earth
Surprisingly innovative/deep turn-based strategy that’s easy to learn.
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card hunter
Card Hunter
Fight against monsters by stacking the deck with useful weapons, magic and armour.
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curious expeditionThe Curious Expedition
Discover new worlds, try to retain your sanity.
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civ 6
Civilization VI
Lead a civilization for its entire history (and future.)
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out there
Out There
Put the periodic table into practice; in saving your spaceship and your skin.
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heroes of might and magic
Heroes of Might and Magic III on GOG
A deep, strategy classic.
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Rule a minimalist kingdom, beware of monsters.
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